A disruptive wine

Casa Pedro Domecq was looking to create a new wine aimed to a new audience. The goal of Ö was to reach a young target in order to break into a different market in a shocking but positive way.

The brand needed not only the label design, but also the creation of the name of the wine, a concept for a different wine, for a controversial wine.



Wines & Spirits

What we did


Label Design

A new wine icon.

Ö is infinite, perfection, abundance and simplicity. It is the point from which all creation and innovation emanate. Ö is the beginning of a story that will reach its culmination, consolidating holistically as an icon present in the most significant moments of Mexicans.

Ö means for our collection the creation of experiences in each sip, in it’s aroma, in a glance, in a second, a moment, a life…